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Company CIMBAĽÁK Ltd. was established in 2001 by Cimbaľák family. The owner Juraj Cimbaľák worked as a General Manager of food company Zdroj in Bardejov until 1989. He started his own business in food and meat production after 1989. From 1992 he worked as a self-employed person. Company CIMBAĽÁK Ltd. linked up with this business.

The main scope of the business is production of meat and meat products. Wholesale and retail activity focuses at a placement of own production and expansion of the market.

Our products are distributed in the whole area of Slovak Republic and are also exported to a few EU countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria. The company operates as an established firm in the region of Upper Šariš through its own retail chain.
The company specialises in production of quality meat produce. In our range you will also find alergen, gluten and conservants free products.

History of the company

Before 1989, the owner of the company, Juraj Cimbaľák, worked for a food production establishment Zdroj Bardejov. He worked as a General Manager of a butcher store in Svidník. His relation to this occupation and years of experience in this area determined he would continue in this trade in the future.

The dream was to establish his own production. After the Velvet revolution in 1989, Mr. Cimbaľák grabbed the opportunity, and together with his wife Gabriela, became self-employed and started a small business in the area of meat production. The beginnings were similar to those of any other starting business. Initial investments, competition in the market…. these obstacles didn´t discourage them and in 2001 they established CIMBAĽÁK Ltd. with the domicile in the residential area Družba in Bardejov. The production that previously took place in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Cimbaľák moved to these premises. They already had a handful of employees at that time as well as their first retail outlet at Dlhý rad street in Bardejov that is open to this date.

The new premises enabled the employees to process more pork meat and produce various kinds of meat products. The company´s turnover increased by 300%. However, according to the HACCP guidelines these premises were too small and didn´t meet the strict requirements. The owners were forced to look around and find new premises. The opportunity to buy former production hall that belonged to Športvýroba company came around. The hall served for production of football shoes. Mr. and Mrs. Cimbaľák bought the building and completed a full reconstruction to suit their needs. The production of greater capacity moved to this building.

At the same time the company bought an old slaughter house in Kurima village near Bardejov that once belonged to a local farm. The reconstruction that included expansion of the premises, implementing machinery and obtaining needed licences helped to meet the requirements for a permission to export butchered animals to the EU countries. The butcher capacity increased to 400 pcs of hog and 50 pcs of beef a day. This enabled the company to run their own butchery of hog and beef that served own production and retail as well as other customers. At that time the company had approximately 380 employees. The 2009 recession affected this company which lead to a temporary closure of the slaughter house and some outlets and cut back in work force.

Currently the company employs approx. 200 people and the priority is to produce quality products that are sought after not only in Slovakia but also abroad. This is why the company is a stable and established producer of 180 varieties of meat produce. The company currently supplies large supermarkets, hotels, schools, kindregardens, smalls grocers and similar across the republic. CIMBAĽÁK s.r.o. meat products can be found in well know supermarkets and company´s own outlets.